The Weather and You

By Mick Holien

As disappointing or accelerating as it might be the weather has a profound effect on our disposition.

And as one considers and approaches the eventual realization of our mortality the subtleties I suppose grow even more obvious.

I guess it is ironic then that we sometimes recognize such as the sunset of our existence when

Mick back and not really examining anything or anyone in particular I came to realize maybe that is why I cling to a four-season environment with not really sound reasoning to do so.

I could I suppose to follow some of vintage who leave to go south a little earlier and maybe even extend snow bird visitation until its warmth

A 2011 National Wildlife Federation indicated that some 200 million Americans risk greater psychological distress because of climate-related issues according to a Huffington Post story.

And like everything I suppose such if affects us all in different ways.

A gloomy day, for example, certainly could extend such negativity and vice versa says a study of 1,200 adults but not necessarily so.

Some of such data is easily analyzed like it should not shock anyone that violent crime escalates in Chicago in a particularly torrid summer or that there is some disputed indication that higher temps increase suicidal thinking or that in Germany for example colder has been found to increase the death rate.

But like most things such conclusions sometimes are found at the extreme end of the   spectrum.

Talk about anything but specific.

But rest assured some things, like say blood pressure, can be quantified by an increase in pressure systems.

Carry your I assume already is waning interest further and imagine this – there is a study of biometeorology pointing out that plants, animals join humans in such effect.

I would like to conclude on my own that it has more to do with light than anything like temperature b us my own unscientific conclusion is drawn by the old saying “feeling it in my bones that either a change is Nye or moisture is on the horizon.

Look out weather forecasters – it is after all just a 50-50 proposition

                                                               Just sayin’      


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