The Right Stuff

By Mick Holien

Stop me if you’ve heard this but I had a reason why I chose to move to Polson some dozen years ago.

The people are different I often have said much like they were when I relocated to Missoula and from Spokane in the eighties.

But my pal Emma Lommasson, at 105-plus, said what happened to me Friday night just was a miracle – pure and simple – so you decide especially given the circumstances.

I visited the Cove Friday night to listen to Southern Comfort min honor of the Cripe’s retirement and closure of their shoe store.

Upon returning to my pickup to load the scooter I left the proceeds of a cashed check and a business card from local realtor Janet Frederick on my bumper and drove away, not realizing my mistake.

I had not realized my misfortune on Sat when Janet called to advise me Shirley had seen the cash blowing around next to the card that she had given me, figured it belonged to Frederick and called to return it.

Now to be fortunate enough that she found the money and figured it belonged to Janet is amazing but that Janet had just identified the money because of her card and called me … well maybe it was a miracle.

Of course she refused a reward and was just pleased to return the cash to its rightful owner.

We’re not talking chicken feed here – It was $200 and in six bills. To say when I unfolded and counted and found it all there left me speechless and both Janet and I immediately talked about restoring our faith – if it ever indeed was lacking.

Maybe Emma was right about that miracle.

But the whole scenario gets even weirder.

Three weeks ago I lost my wallet while hospitalized (little cash inside) and a few days later my roommate lost his with substantial cash inside in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

So we have a superior honest person in Shirley and a couple of rascals in the case of mine and my roommate’s wallets.

But it’s not too late. Whoever had the windfall with my roommate’s wallet please return it and we’ll figure out a reward making it worth your time.

As for mine, I think I am out of luck.

Maybe Emma was right … Just sayin’

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