The Desk is Winning

By Mick Holien

Try as I might, I just never seem to get it accomplished and even when doing so would make my life so much easier.

It is not as if I haven’t tried and even occasionally I am bound and determined to make strides but yet for a short while to no avail.

Find out what this demon is.

The quartet of rollers emanating from the bottom of my office chair now roll gently toward that 1800-square inch culprit.

It’s those stacks of disorganization – you know that reference material that you just can’t discard – that I say is what has be discarded or yes fulll blown depressed.

It seems even though I patiently manipulate the stacks from one side to the other and carefully prioritizes then considers possibly one more table will solve my dilemma.

No wait even better how about one more desk? Ok now draw this mental picture for me.

I have eight small cubicles and two large ones at the head of this four-drawer standard

Scratch paper consumes three spaces – go figure – bills in-bills out check – and without emptying the remaining slots where my inability to identify causes me not to be able to generalize the remainder of the content.

As we move to the body of the desk, you probably think I am but filling space but I assure you, other endeavors rank far greater than just that.

Now I wish I could tell you this was anything more than a few feet of desperation but it remains stacked full, often to the detriment of the mail.

To the adjoining roll top find eight little compartments and two small but crammed full and clearly half of the desk space consumed,

Drawers, lots of drawers filled with something and stacked high and then the games that entice public response but little participation.

And alas we advance to yet another desk brim full with excitement where I spend more than our share of time.

But then comes the empty cabinet file beckoning for enrollment…hey it’s my space

Just sayin’

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