My Town or Yours

By Mick Holien

You know how I love lists and I was thinking the other day when after the prompting by a Kansas City radio station the town of Ismay briefly changed its name to “Joe.”

Ismay is the smallest incorporated town in the state although its population has doubled since that 1993 effort. At last count there was a counted population of 14.

While documenting some of Montana’s odd names which maybe we can do in a later list for submission I thought maybe a listing of the weirdest named towns might prove interesting.

You’ve heard of those folks who are accident prone well I have just the thing for them. Move to Maryland where is located a town bearing that moniker.

Massushutes has a history of witchcraft so it should be no surprise that the town of Satin’s Kingdom is located there.

The photo appears more like a dove but they say the name of the Michigan village is White Pigeon.

I don’t know at what age a person is required to vacate Young America which seems quite a bit inland in Indiana.

Cheerleaders are probably at a premium or may non-existent in What Cheer Iowa.

One might consider purchasing the book 40 roads everyone should drive by 40, a little late for my endeavor but in Kansas on Alt 69 southwest and east of Columbus is the town of Neutral.

In Kentucky one might make an early visit to Hell For Certain while in Maine, which bills itself as Vacation land, you’ll find the burg of Friendship.

And every librarian would have little apprehension about moving to book Louisiana.

Hawaii certainly has its share so why not the town of Volcano.

Did you ever wonder where Jolly Old Saint Nick hangs out in the off-season. Well I would be surprised if he wasn’t attracted to the Gem state where you’ll find the town of Santa.

And what about one of my favorites Hope and Beyond Hope on Hgwy 200 headed for Sandpoint.

The artificial joints would not be perfectly pleased I think in Illinois, Bone Gap that is.

One could get boring in Oregon and inside Death Valley someone could locate Furnace Creek, Calif.

Now the town of Halfway Oregon found a way to cash in when they changed their name to for a year in honor of a startup and received $110,000, 20 computers for the school and reportedly some other financial incentives.

Now that’s one way to cash in..just sayin’

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