Sometimes the cynic in me is convinced, I’m sure like many of you, that annual celebrations are bout a ruse of the greeting card company in order to line rows of racks filled with specialty cards.

But I have to admit from a guy who keeps stacks of cards so I don’t get caught needing to rush to the grocery store at the last minute to send a usually belated card, come on folks honoring motherhood is one we all should be quick to participate in.

Since I don’t have a blood relative mother of any type remaining, this one just about slipped past me.

But thanks to a boys and girls club mid-week meeting when a conflict arose did I realize I hardly knew that May Day had slipped past let alone that Mom’s recognition also was at hand.

The commercialization of the day almost led to its demise as the founder who chose to honor her mother, Anne Reeves Jarvis, with such a celebration became so disillusioned with Hallmarks marketing efforts that she actually began to protest the celebration which was meant to honor her peace activist mother.

Her mother was recognized as attending to the wounds of soldiers on both sides of the Civil War.

But somewhat to her chagrin by 1911, led by the effort of West Virginia a year earlier, was celebrated by all states.

And in 1914 Woodrow Wilson decreed it be celebrated as a national holiday.

But while the day is recognized by 40 countries, many celebrate it on a different day and in a different way.

I am headed alone with some three plus dozen others to the west glacier where the majority will tackle that first bicycle ride of the season.

As for me I’m handed up to the Polebridge store and bakery for my first taste of all that’s yummy in the spring.

While the road up the north fork can be a little brutal this time of year m- and I even checked to be sure the store has re-opened it is always surprising who you might run into there but I doubt if the northern lights saloon is open … I’ll have to let you know.

Giving the challenges I am currently having with cramps and charley horses and two hours of sleep at a time it could be a challenging trip but I’m goin’ … just sayin’

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