Just Some Numbers

 By Mick Holien

Keeping in mind that numbers alone are both telling and trying and putting too much faith in how they are interpreted is a little like trying your new woods after changing your swing after a golf lesson.

But a month of examining what In My Opinion segments were most popular. What time of day and actually the day itself also sometimes can be beneficial.

These survey numbers that I have compiled for today’s program are by no means scientific and actually represent little than for me to see how many people had an interest in some specialized subject matter.

I compiled them from www.750kerr.com to help me navigate your interests


During June, 2018 the “n My Opinion” website received a several dozen bump in the number call-ups of the program or the written addition.

That represents a substantial increase setting a record for both daily and monthly accumulations. The 19 play-day total more than doubled any previous month.

What I found interesting about a six-part suicide series that while the daily numbers predictably took a substantial hike they did so with little promo on my part. And they remained relatively flat for the week, peaking in the middle…

I am hoping that is an indication that word-of-mouth during the day caused people to go read or listen to what the whole series was about.

Also interesting that the numbers don’t move either direction during recent holiday times.

Top number of visits you ask?

It was extremely close but top spot went to the story documenting Tim Ryan Rouillier’s success with PBS and the debut of “My Grandpa’s Fiddle.”

And he and another segment were not that far behind the series total. So talk it up a little bit if you like IMO. MY goal is to double by the Holidays.

Just sayin’+

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