Just How?

By Mick Holien

I’ll bet you are wondering just how to I decide what I am going to talk about on this short program.

And now since I’ve been doing this for a while and plan on plenty more programs, I thought I’d let you in on a secret.

First of all thank you for all the kind words and support – one always likes to know someone is actually listening in radio land after all.

I’ve joked with people who have talked to me about In My Opinion that im always on and if you’re talking to me you might well be becoming program material.

That’s not totally true but I have to tell you the process for the two-minute programs really isn’t much different than that.

I’ve been fortunate to live an interesting life and this program is my opportunity first of all to remember a multitude of scenarios, then to put it into some 400 words and voice that I hope will evoke at least thought and hopefully further conversation.

I have compiled a list of some things I might find in vogue for a program but what I find is that so much new material often falls into my lap; I don’t often resort to the list to fill the venue.

But I also have to confess that In My Opinion isn’t written in stone and I’d like nothing better to have to contribute your thoughts in any way you chose. Facebook might be the easiest but I know a lot of folks view that as waste of time and don’t have a page.

You sure can drop a note in my name to the radio station and give me your input that way and I’m working on other communicative methods. I will also be in the Anderson Broadcasting radio booth at the Trade Show at Polson High School on Saturday and sure hope you drop by.

I hope you’ll be civil and I hope you chose how you approach me but I’ll leave that to you.

A point to remember: this is like the editorial page of a newspaper or opinion on your television or radio. Things that I talk about are my thoughts only and do not represent anyone else’s views especially the fine sponsors responsible for having the program on the air.)

Now I realize that sometimes spoken words could be misconstrued or misheard so that’s why the hard copy also is available on-line.

Just sayin’

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