Just 27 Minutes To Live

By Mick Holien

It was some kind of winter weekend that for this IMO was bolstered by being surrounding by all the elements of a high school basketball tournament.

For no particular reason the extended weekend was a storyteller’s smorgasbord that will cause me to dot eyes and cross t’s for some time.

Without carrying forward I have to say the elements, which began with a Wednesday lunch, were so diverse it required jotting notes in advance of getting to the keyboard.

But first did it have to be so darn cold – Hey I’m mostly a positive guy who seldom notices the weather, but the windswept arctic temperatures brought shivers to my soul.

So in no particular order.

Before I delve into my initial offering which I am a little uncomfortable about g I want to tell you how grateful I am about the flanking of people who went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoy the programs and anticipate its daily offerings.

I’ve been on the air in one capacity or another for a long time and to have such an outpouring of support is truly gratifying but to the one person who suggested I do the program through the weekend that is a non starter.

While I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts with you five days a week for this IMO believe me it is sufficient for both of us,

So what are the chances? THIS IS NIOT A DRILL Two couples who are next door neighbors in Ronan are vacationing in Hawaii on separate islands when across the television screen and hotel loudspeakers they are advised there is an incoming missile, a statement that began and ended with “this is not a drill.

And for about 27 minutes they knew nothing except to stay away from the windows and be secure in the fact it is indeed not a drill.

I see the situation awful in itself but remember this is Pearl Harbor.

Try as I might, although I will make another run at it, wishes to remain anonymous but the story is important because we all should be prepared for such a possible occurrence and does it affect possible spring break visitors.

What I got out of it is to carry a quick hit list of people to call if Heaven forbid you ever encountered a headline asking what I would do if I had 27 minutes to live.

Just sayin’

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