I’m All For the Sun

By Mick Holien

The days are getting longer, making one realize it is light just a bit later; The Dow is inching up and threatening a closing 26,000; football counts just the Pigskin Final Four while basketball launches into the keeper Conference games; Winter television series mirror world events and turn for season’s completion and it just won’t be long before Churchill Downs will burst with activity, Indy will roar, Wimbledon will burst to life and yes one almost can visualize the greenery of Augusta.Oh I know it is wishful thinking just past the Idea of January but I can dream can’t I.

It just is amazing how a glimpse of sunshine brings maybe a smile and prompted me today to just take a glance at that area where my boat, at least for a few fleeting months, rocks from the waves and beckons me to that body of water we so cherish.

I guess the most attractive thing Monday was driving by Toby’s Car Wash prior even to business closing time only to see vehicles lined up at every bay looking to cut that road gunk off allowing the color to show itself maybe for the first time in a few weeks.

But all one has to do is venture out on some of the County’s side roads to realize not only is the return of Spring a ways away but that leaving that pickup in four-wheel-drive sometimes just isn’t a bad idea.

While it seems like the last couple of snowfalls dumped a more than adequate amount of snow at my place, I just looked at photos from a year ago that paint really a similar picture.

Griz hoop is rollin and when is the last time you remember anybody to be atop the league by two games headed into the Rivalry game and the head guy talking about three consecutive days off before the annual faceoff.

But Griz football is pushing for attention and even though the opener is more than seven months away, we’re just a few days from the second letter-of-intent signing day and an afternoon stop at Glacier Brewery to reacquaint the throng with Bobby Ball can do nothing but wet the spirits.

And on a final note congratulations to everyone recognized at Saturday’s annual Chamber of Commerce banquet. It was an impressive group indeed and even gussied up.

Just sayin.’

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