Hey wait a minute

I confess. I have been waiting to tell you this for years.

No wait that’s why I haven’t told you.

All kidding aside … wait for it … I am known to procrastinate.

But am I just apt to delay things because they are not as pleasurable as others or is it that my actions cause me to realize I procrastinate.

Or is it because my lifetime business as a journalist is largely deadline oriented thus the need to prioritizing tasks.

Labels, labels all we want to do is place our actions in a box so they can be labeled with seemingly similar actions.

In my case I’ve already confessed to my need to multi task, mostly because of the commitments I get myself into but I have come to discover that my need to multi task largely is driven by corresponding procrastination.

Just get over it, say the so-called experts, believing that delaying actions is a trait a person can alter.

But let’s face it – It is not anything like that. Actual procrastinators do not possess the ability to change. Try as we might we can’t help ourselves.

I guess my initial realization that I possessed this trait was of course delaying homework until more than likely I was burning the midnight oil probably the night before and in some cases not doing my best work and sometimes not at all.

I have always professed that creative people like me do their best work under the pressure of impending deadline and in some cases I’ll subscribe to that notion.

But as I have aged and grown smarter – insert LOL in capital letters here – I’ve come to admit that working far in advance of deadline pressure is not only easier on my psyche but also produces better work.

So what’s the problem?

Well “In My Opinion, the biggest problem with delaying actions until the last opportunity, besides affecting the quality of your work, there’s that other thing called distraction.

There goes your schedule and procrastination can quickly be transformed to sheer panic.

Last-minute challenges also more than likely delay or even eliminate time required to do those pleasurable things that we just never seem to have time for.

Being a bit of a sports historian there’s always more to do and a decrease in stamina also plays a role.

But I’m workin’ on it and I’m running out of labels … just sayin



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