Give Them Some Help

By Mick Holien

What is it that is said about needing someone to head up a project or assist during a vital need – Find the person that is busier than anyone else and ask them to assist because they understand purpose, are extremely organized and focused on the betterment of a situation no matter what or even where it is.

But there remain in our area of Lake and Missoula County countless opportunities and even more important needs that require nothing more than even just a weekly hour of your time.

As one of those people who has an extremely difficult time saying no when someone asks for my help or maybe just a bit of expertise.

It is after all what I decided volunteerism would be my focus in my waning years and I’ve discovered I get as much out of it as humbly I am able to give.

But I wonder why there are those folks who choose to say “Let George do it,” an award given yearly in some form or another by a few civic regional organizations.

Yet it seems when I reach out to maybe a new endeavor, it’s the same people who are out there giving of their time and surprisingly many have not yet reached retirement age.

It does bolster my spirits that it seems city and county boards have seen an upsurge of applicants allowing the selection of cream of the crop rather than just someone looking maybe for a resume builder or ego gratification.

Let’s face it there are opportunities at every turn and in seemingly every area of interest.

And they do not require that much of your time – Most are just pleased about your interest and any spec of time you might be able to dedicate.

Fond of animals – there are innumerous possibilities at the shelter.

Care of the Elderly – Ask those fine folks at RSVP where you might fit it and what you can dedicate to their needs.

Children – While our schools always can find a need for you to fulfill organizations like the Boys and Girls Club welcome you with open arms.

Food Banks and soup kitchens – They sometimes have trouble even operating without your help.

Drivers – From personal experience Cheerful Hearts and DAV always can use the help.

And while there isn’t enough time to list a myriad of organizations that present such an opportunity and need your assistance, suffice it to say there really isn’t anybody who can’t use your effort.

In fact an organization or clearing house where such organizations can list such things also would be beneficial.

Give it a thought – I think you’ll find it rewarding and so helpful to sll concerned.

Can you believe it we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the beginning of In My Opinion.

And the week of the 16th – the show began on the 17th – I’ll pick a few of my favorites where timely for replay.

Just sayin.’     

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