By Mick Holien

Maybe it is the volume of on-line purchases but it happens to me all the time and I’ll bet it happens to you as well.

User names and passwords.

Even though I keep a little book and believe I am relentless about changing when requested or even required, I am often locked out and required to use “old reliable, the land line to secure my required order.

On Wednesday it was the ordering mechanism of the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts that was determined to prevent me from purchasing tickets to Tuesday’s rescheduled Michael Martin Murphy concert opened by his good friend and writing pal, Rob Quist, and his daughter Halladay.

But about my and I’ll bet your dilemma.

Now I know password security is for our protection. But my gripe is it seems there must be some arbitrary period of non-use that cues a company that if you haven’t used their website in say six months then your account is flagged and a password change required.

Then there is the instructions advising you of the strength of what you are using and advisement that your new password must contain a certain number of say a capital, a numeral, and an odd character like say a question mark.

And even at that I am betting those “Phishers” can still access my account or trick me into pushing that button that takes me to where I can be victimized.

So – there is a new crutch word that I have noticed people are using in advance of answering a question, but in a later edition I will reveal the perfect password.

I’ll bet you can’t wait, she says…just sayin’.

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