Elvis was in the Building

By Mick Holien

The last time I was in Elvis’ building, I got married so I’ll let you gauge my anticipation or excitement in advance of joining an admiring crowd to spend New Year’s Eve in his presence.

Now let me qualify I am not a huge Elvis guy although I do like some of his music but I can say if the proof is in the pudding this edition, running by the name Jeffrey Elvis, does an awesome job with his voice but even more entertaining energetically engaging the crowd, especially the ladies.

And graciously spending 30 minutes for an interview after a near three-hour performance ranks above and beyond the call.

Three hours in advance of the bewitching hour Kwa Taq Nuk in Polson was the host for a free Elvis get-together and 2018 kickoff.

Jeffrey Elvis, a former long-haul truck driver, developed the Elvis persona singing to himself on cross-country stints from his home in Lynden, Wash.

And realizing the road life away from his wife of 30 years and three teenagers wasn’t in his or their best interest, he had a bit of an epiphany assuring the Lord that he’d carry His message if given the opportunity.

“I believe it was a gift from God,” he said in reference to his voice’s development which he then paired with costumes and Elvis’ physical antics. “He gave me something to say.”

In My Opinion, since after all that is what we call this program, Jeffrey is at his best with soulful Elvis-like renditions of “How Great Tho Art and I Believe.”

The room’s setup seemed odd early on but when one saw how engaging he reacted with attendees, personalizing his performance to all and prompting everyone to the dance floor, it all made perfect sense. Elvis needed the room to wander.

The crowd was younger than I might have expected – I’m thinking they listened to Elvis on their parents or in some cases grandparents record player – but if need be they hummed the lyrics with the best of us.

Mix in some Christmas music and the mostly local crowd let Jeffrey know they appreciated his sweat and teary efforts.

Born in Great Falls, his mother lives in Helena after being born herself in Twin Bridges .

Jeffrey plays about 50 show a season headed next for Penticton, B.C. in advance of a very important, he said, Elvis competition also north of the border.

IMO this Elvis look and sound alike was less costly for me than the last one I encountered. Just sayin’

Interested in more or a booking find him at JeffreyElvis.com[U1]

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