Does Anybody in Reno or Boise Care:?

By Mick Holien

Here on this Ides of March this IMO is back after a brief diversion when basically I just hit the wall.

It isn’t something I often do but it was just a case of a bit of plate overloading that not only proved me ineffective but also a bit out of character.

Did I bury myself or was it partially brought by returning to my haunts at the Adams Center where I spent so many days and nights.

No while I think my return could have been a contributing factor, it was a few late hours storytelling and days of watching both boys and girls games in the B Tournament.

It was a raucous affair made possible at the location because of the movement of the men and women’s Big Sky Tournament to Reno, Nevada.

In prior years the city or the University could not bid high school tournaments, instead being required to have an open facility just in case either of the teams won the league and thus qualified to host the affair.

So let’s face it if optics count for anything, the scene in Reno was abysmal. If the spouses, siblings, friends, workers and team members, took a hike the majority of the facility would have been disguised as empty seats.

While movement of the league tournament to Boise after the expiration of the three-year contract this year it does promise to be an improvement.

It is ironic that both Nevada and Boise are former league members, departing with Idaho for what they believed to be greener pastures.

While their departure somewhat worked out for Boise State and Nevada-Reno, the University of Idaho has thought better of it and returns to the Big Sky Conference in full stead next football season.

There just no longer exists a substantial fan base in either city and the gate resembles the number of attendees for a championship game when neither team is hosting.

So is there a better alternative – I remain still in favor of the league awarding the playing of the tournament to the regular season champ.

Keep in mind though it is the institution presidents who came up with the venue in the first place and would vote on any change proposal.

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