Do You Really Need That Spot-Check Your Conscience

Being forced recently into a scooter for most of one’s transportation sure prompts a person to look at life and people differently.

And while I was mostly using the device last year this year’s snow sure obviously has changed my perspective as well as my needs.

I have been challenged because of my legs for one reason for another for some time. A lot of athletics, the Military, activity and well they’re just worn out.

I’ve gone under the knife enough times to retire a couple of orthopedic surgeons, who by the way are great friends, superb knives and yes retired.

Then last year came a multiple sclerosis diagnosis that probably has been overlooked but has caused an adjustment but has kept me from doing little.

Anyway back to some observations.

You’ve probably seen me making my way around in Missoula or the Mission Valley with the scooter, thanks to my great friend John from Ronan, mounted on my pickup. It is pretty easily lifted into the back of the rig and requires little on my part.

I don’t always require its assistance and if I am going short distances I force myself to use the walker.

Offers for help are greatly appreciated and because I am probably too proud a guy I usually turn down the assistance.

But people tend to look at my situation quite differently.

Most are really genuinely helpful and even get back out of their vehicles to see if I need assistance.

Others though are mindless, looking away and making one feel invisible.

I am asking you to ask people if they need your help. Don’t be embarrassed and maybe even go out of your way to offer to care for your fellow man.

My gripe comes with those who are driving a vehicle with a handicap sticker or plate that obviously doesn’t belong to them personally.

Just earlier this week I watched two spots on the east side of the Polson Safeway parking lot be occupied by two women who appeared more as marathoners than someone in need of close-in parking.

Think about it. Those spots are heavily utilized. I have been guilty with dropping my passenger to do something for me and utilized a spot. I will not do that anymore and you shouldn’t either.

Just sayin’

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