Depression? Not a problem with the written word

Dec 2, 2016

This is the first installment of “In My Opinion” hard copy. Hopefully eventually all the programs will be featured here for those who would like to read instead of listen. Comments and ideas as always are welcome.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems around this time of year I get melancholic.

And while you would think with the bevy of activities I have that keep me imminently, that wouldn’t much of be a problem.

I’m pretty efficient at hosting my own pity party and

it is pretty easy for me to drift into one form of depression or another.

And of course there’s always that obligatory response when asked how one is doing – Hey awesome. How bout you, usually spits out the response.

I think that comes from my pal Dick who told me long ago- Hey Mick nobody wants to hear or expects a negative response.

“Any better I’d be a runaway”… You’ve probably heard me say that one.

And of course when you live up north here where I do – while a dreary day might have your dauber down a taste, always out comes a positive.

And I don’t know about you but even when I’ve been prescribed an anti-depressant, who wants to feel like they always make me feel –grinding down like there’s a black shroud starting at your eyebrows, tightening at your ears and well you know what I mean.

It’s always a bit worse I think when you are by yourself but it’s probably better just to be miserable by yourself rather than imparting your feelings on someone else.

So let see where was I going with this – oh yeh remedies: Know that I’ve pulled the plug on your attitude there must be something out there that makes you feel better because after all we are from that instant gratitude generation. Fix it I say and not later but immediately lol.

Here’s what works for me-are you ready?

Write it down and keep jabbering until you begin to feel better knowing full well that unloading the mood even slowly off your shoulders there’s at least a chance that optimism will take over, negativity will start to fade and the front of that shroud – remember that – will start to dissipate and slowly your mood will improve.

Writing somehow brings a smile to my lips, if even just a little one, and even if just for a short time.

If not there’s always Jonathon Winters or Milton Burl.

Who you say? ….. just saying


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