Could be Dangerous

By Mick Holien

It happens easily and while I certainly am no physician I tend to believe it is as dangerous as any kind of addiction.

After spending most of the day Wednesday I believe I have them all straight – by that I mean I can identify both what I will call the scientific and generic name of all the drugs I am prescribed.

Now maybe that sounds strange but here’s the deal and it is by no means unique to me.

If you are a patient who sees more than a single physician, say maybe a specialist in addition to your general practitioner, more than likely they both are writing you prescriptions.

And since they both verify what other drugs you are taking before writing prescriptions themselves they should be checking to make sure you are not taking identical drugs by another name or even worse drugs that might react to each other and be non-effective and potentially dangerous.

Prescribed a lot of different drugs it is extremely easy for the patient to become confused which can lead to even fatal results.

Now if you are not so inclined to educate yourself, make up a list and dosage and let the pharmacist help out. They can be more familiar than even say physicians.

On a totally unrelated subject that can’t be passed by.

How bout the case of Casey Ingram, 32-years-poung  

Called up by the Lakers Monday night after years of futility- he is 32 – he performed admirably for the Lakers in the Class D (Development) league.

On fire from distance and 19 points to earn the game ball from Luke Walton.

What are the chances – Life lessons, fortitude has it all, just sayin’

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