Boat Time?

Even though my property remains covered with snow and the thawed amount has left large puddles creating nothing but trouble for delivery drivers, I receive an annual sign that spring is right around the corner and Flathead Lake can begin that seemingly slow process to full pool when in my opinion continues

Daylight Savings provides that annual sign that spring thaw might be underway.

Or it could be selection Sunday where generally my perfect bracket is spoiled Tuesday after play-in games in Dayton.

But it is more painful that either – It’s that annual bill to be paid by the end of March to enable the Griz Vox vessel to rest assured in the slip at Country Club Shores.

The last two years have been disappointing with physical adjustments only allowing me to get out in the boat a few times but I have vowed to get at least half way to my all-time record of 42 lake days a few years ago.

The kind caretaker has vowed to rig a ramp for easier access and I think with a rail I can board without assistance which allows me to take solo trips whenever I get the urge.

I even installed a couple of lights to make things safer after sunset and I haven’t even had them on – woe is me.

I also faced the dilemma of removing my personalized “Griz Vox” license plate and to take “Vox” of my deck boat instead passing the moniker to my able predecessor but decided against it.

So when you see me anchored somewhere, I’m probably broke down and need a tow – No not really pull right up and let’s chat.

I always need Karaoke suggestions and there just could be a libation aboard unless Nick, my able-bodied law enforcement friend is aboard.

Oh yes Nick. He’s the guy that left the scooter powered up on the dock so when I went to sit down I hit the controls with my elbow and headed for a trip into the drink which would I’m sure have been disastrous.

That’s what happens when you assume to have expert help aboard but disaster was averted and anybody who helps getting me on the Big Water I serve at your pleasure.

Just sayin’      


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