Anger Revealed


I have long had a problem with anger.

And in my younger days, it was the root cause of a lot of problems.

And while I gave some thought about seeking anger management shortly after I got out of the military, I just never did and all these years later sometimes I am a ticking time bomb.

There are very few people who have seen my anger on display and it sure isn’t anything I’m proud of.

More than anything I think I display my anger toward myself especially since my health has faded somewhat.

Of course I share this with you more than anything but for catharsis.

I think maybe we all can be pushed to where we get mad but in my view that is far from the anger tht manifests itself physically.

And when I was a far bigger man – of 100 more pounds not that long ago – I was probably dangerous although I have always been a bear in a china closet.

It is strange that events that happened so many decades ago rein at times bright and clear.

I think when I was attacked in the shower in boot camp I was too busy defending myself to get out of control mad instead opting to ward off a man who was intent on for lack of a better word sticking me.

I have just a couple of defensive wounds to show for it and the realization that I am more than observant when the time and place require it.

During that same time period after a college party in Bremerton I not only delivered some serious injuries to a couple of Marines but also slugged a cop after he grabbed me from behind to pull me off.

In a strange leap of faith he fell backward, catching his hand on the tailgate of a truck, causing enough injury to his shooting hand that he was medically retired and I went to the slam.    

Charged with a felony I was fortunate and the charge was expunged after a 30-day sentence and a year of behaving.

Don’t ask me why today was the day to share this with you unless maybe it is because I have been under the weather and grouchy but even madder at myself.

Symptoms at another time but I swear eventually I will run short of maladies.

Just sayi

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