A Special Homecoming Weekend

By Mick Holien

It turned out to be quite the Homecoming weekend for this Vox and about the time I thought it was over Sunday evening comes word that my pal Bill Moos is pulling up stakes from his Alma Mater in the Washington Palouse and assuming the Athletic Director position at the University of Nebraska. More about “Moose Kaaa” Tuesday.

The weekend began with a nice and appropriate memorial for our friend Chris Walterskirschen, probably Mr Trivia to most but my first stat guy for high school games starting in the early 80s.

Legally blind and fighting a host of other maladies he lived a memorable life filled with volunteerism and friendship.

The White Bear Society made it possible for me to tailgate prior to my game and what a great group of people gathered around the fire ring next to the footbridge.

A great friend saw to it that I had a ticket in the handicap section at the east side 50 but on my way former Griz defensive back Trey Young was hoisting the No.37 flag.

Playing from 99-02, he of course won a national title and played in another chipper and was the team MVP after his senior season.

I last saw Trey, who now lives in Seattle relocating from his home in San Diego, at defensive end Tim Bush’s funeral in Kellogg.

I’m sure Trey won’t mind but like Hall of Famer Michael Ray Richardson, he stuttered when he came to Missoula and thus was particularly uncomfortable doing interviews.

I told Trey that Michael Ray did not stammer or stutter when I got to know him and interviewed him long after his career and we set out to improve his speech.

Now this by no means was done professionally but just out of friendship and becoming comfortable with putting one word in front of another and easing his nervousness.

Year after year there was a profound difference and one of the joys of my broadcast career when he graduated I received the nicest letter from his parents about his improvement but that was even broadened Saturday when I got a several minute hug with my brother along with his sincere words of thanks.

While I don’t get to see Trey often I will always hold our friendship dear, cherish it and use our relationship that spans a generation as an example that race, creed or other factors have little to do with the quality of relationships.

Thanks to you brother – Now that’s what I’m talkin about – just sayin’ it was indeed quite a weekend.

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