A little Nat King and the Griz

The Grizzlies look to recharge, rebound or be competitive just how you chose to look at it as it’s Griz-Cat hoop Saturday afternoon and evening at the Fieldhouse.

And unusually the shoe’s on the proverbial other foot when IMO continues.

Mick Holien back on your radio and the hard-luck Lady Griz, rife with injuries and any kind of bad luck a team can endure; hope to somehow take some magic out of the Dahlberg Arena faithful in the afternoon.

And the men look to rebound off a four-game losing streak and begin the move to decent tournament seeding when they tip off against the Cats at 7 p.m.

It has been longer than I care to remember since both Grizzly teams have found themselves in such a predicament but I can tell you with everybody going to the tournament it is not too late for the men to play seeding spoiler the rest of the way then run the table in Reno to claim the NCAA bid.

And it is not as if they haven’t done it before so keep the faith.

The Polson High Auditorium will echo with the sweet and soulful sounds of Nat King Cole Friday night as Mission Valley Live presents Too Marvelous for Words.

A spinoff of the Folkshop Concerts which became the Big Productions held by the late Chas Cantlon to help fund youth projects in the Mission Valley, the series of concerts has been kept alive by volunteers who realize the enduring value of the performing arts.

Realizing such activities doesn’t just enrich lives but bring vitality to communities.

In addition to the music, the group provides student outreach to students throughout the valley and the group strives to keep the price affordable with students 18 and younger granted free admission and 12 and under free if accompanied by an adult.

Born in the deep south of Alabama Nat King Cole’s smooth baritone beginning at a young age sang everything and was an amazing jazz pianist. Along with everything else, his TVC show debuted on NBC in 1956 and featured many of the artists whose lives he had enriched. But it failed because of a lack of national sponsorship..no the country wasn’t ready for a black man with his own TV show.

Love is the thing hit No 1 in 1957 and Midnight Flyer earned him a 59 emmy.

Listen for it. Show starts at 7…Just sayin’




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