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Former Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts of Nashua, New Hampshire went to the White House yesterday to receive from President Obama the nation's highest military award: the Medal of Honor. He told our CBS News colleague David Martin...
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Bop-a-Dips! Free concert during Summerfest Car Show

Bop a DipsSaturday, August 9th. 8pm at Riverside Park in Polson.

The Bop-a-Dips, their music and high energy entertainment has stood the test of time. For many years they have been a mainstay of Nightclubs, Nevada Showrooms, College campuses, State and County Fairs, Corporate Conventions, Hot Rod Shows, Cruise Ships, Street Dances and Private Parties around the country. Their unique brand of Nostalgic music choices coupled with great vocal harmonies, comedy, energetic stage performance, crowd participation and showmanship has all contributed to the groups incredible longevity. These guys are the ultimate party band for all ages. The boys will be in Polson promoting danger, romance, excitement and rockin good time. A mixture of energetic beach party music and soulful melodies awaits those who attend this “Bopapalooza”!

Paul Harvey for Dodge

Below is a voice you might find fimiliar. A voice heard here on KERR for many years. The recent Dodge commercial- God Made a Farmer, features a speech Harvey delivered to the National FFA Convention in 1978. Enjoy!